About Us

Nowadays .p.v.c plays an increasingly significant role in a diverse range of modern industries.
Granule world co.launched the production line of various types of hard soft P.V.C. granule az well as PVC-based colour master batches in 1993.
Our factory with a buil-up floor area of 4500 square meters has been constructed on a parcel of land with an area of 17000 square meters. It is located in ravand industrial estate . we take advantage of the latest and the state –of-the-art technology in our manufacturing processes.

Our factory has a production capacity of 80 thousand tons of various types of high quality P.V.C. granule in compliance with the requirements of international ASTM-IES standard ،we export our products to the central Asian states.
Our well equipped and modern laboratory facility is capable of controlling the product all through the production process.
We hope to greatly contribute to the development and prosperity of iran with collaboration of other industeialists.